concord building [architecture friday]

First off, thanks to Matt for linking to me on urbnlivn.

Now, to the business of the day: making fun of buildings even though I sort of like them. Specifically, the Concord in Belltown. It makes me laugh because it's named after a rather famous jet, and it looks like an airport terminal.

Concord Building, Entrance
I hope I get through security in time to make my flight

It makes me think of an architect that really wanted to be the Seatac guy but didn't get the contract, so he repurposed the plans. I'm sure it wasn't like that, but the thought amuses me anyway*. Here, let's take a closer look at the awning.

Concord Building, awning
Consider yourself Awned

Do you not expect to see sky caps standing around under this awning? Whenever I walk by I worry that I don't have my tickets.

But as much as it amuses me, I like this building. I mean, it looks like an airport, how cool is that?

Concord Building

It's not perfect. Not my dream condo block or anything. I take specific issue with the 80sesque fountains out the front. And the fact that I can't afford them. Oh well.

* (For the curious, it was in reality made by Driscoll Architects, who have done other stuff in town and have a broken website).

[where:2929 1st Ave., Seattle, WA 98121]

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