2nd ave crap shack [architecture friday]

I have a tendency to highlight the awesome when I do these building fetish posts. But, as with most things, 98% of everything is crap. As an example, I give you this:

2nd ave crap shack

I know it's not done yet. I know. That makes it worse. The architects have had a chance to see boring condo buildings just like this one all over town for years and years, and yet they make another one. It's like they're just in it for the money or something.

wow. squares. consider the boundaries pushed.

I know that not every building can be ground breakingly unique. But can't we have more than one style at a time? Does all new construction have to be exactly the same?

[where: 2nd ave and broad st, seattle, wa]


CameronRex said...

Hideously awful. I think the architects may have thought that by being a bit creative with that oddly proportioned roofline they could fake the rest of the building. Or, and this is more likely the case, they were told by the developers to build a box that maximized the number of saleable units and make it look passable.

leff said...

Ah, you've hit on something there. Saleable units. I'm sure that's the answer.

I blamed the architects, but they were probably just complicit. It's the money men that are behind it, I'm sure.

vanderleun said...

Architects? What architects? This was run up by some developer's kid out of legos and then just scaled.

Happy condo purchasing. Suckers.

leff said...

No way. It would be way cooler if it looked like legos! All kinds of random color bricks. Some wheels and propellers sticking out where they ran out of regular bricks.

It would at least make a statement.

Anonymous said...

FYI - An excerpt from an IM conversation about this blog post:

Aaron says:
I want to reply to his blog. I think he's way off base. The place may not be cutting edge but I'd argue that it works with the area's architecture quite well. It is obviously new but doesn't stick out like a misplaced piece of abstract art.

Brian says:
yep, and isnt stucco/vinyl like most other new buildings in belltown and lower qa

Brian says:
if he hates that building he hasnt seen trio or any of the other crap going up

Aaron says:
ha... exactly! Now Trio... that's a hideous building

leff said...

I see where you're coming from. But on the other hand, just because Trio is worse, it doesn't mean this one is good.

To me, it still just looks like it came out of the same old cookie cutter. Higher quality sprinkles, maybe...

I just wish there was more than one cookie cutter.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with that.

It will be interesting to see Seattle in 20 years. Like you say, there's a lot of the same going up and I'm looking forward to seeing how these places age.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am seriously outnumbered here. I actually like the looks of this building. I walk by it everyday and think it is turning out nicely. It is not great by any means, but it sure beats other dwellings that people live in around the city. I think it has been a good addition to the neighborhood. I don't feel like they tried to do "too much" with the design like some others have done.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the original post. This building is actually quite attractive for Seattle. I can't believe you would pick on Gallery when you have Moda and Lumen to write about. Most new condos in Seattle look like high-rise mobile homes.

Anonymous said...

It really comes down to the fact they really overpaid for the property and they need to maximize their profit by building as many units as possible, as fast as possible.

I find the non-profit buildings (low income, etc.) that have gone up north of downtown much more interesting. Seems a little design work (ie, developers who care) goes a long way.

Justin Bowers said...

I think the building is looking pretty good. It actually does look different than all the other buildings. There's no other brick residential structures around that area until you get to 81 Vine, which is nothing close to a comparison. Other than that, it's still maintaining some of the original feel of Belltown, like the Spaghetti Factory still does.

I'm blown away that people are huffing and puffing about a new condo building!? Not only is knocking on a new building just plain silly, how can one not admit that it's looking a lot better than it did when all you could see was the sales center and renderings.

ON TOP OF THAT...they deserve some credit for getting built in the first place. Funny how the only building people seemed to oooh and ahhh over was Mosler Lofts. Gallery is built well, has great amenities, a prime location, homes are fairly priced, and has an excellent sales staff. What other new construction project in Belltown is "better" or has much more architectural expertise designed into it? Parc? Mosler? Trio?

The Concord, Bellora Building, and Seattle Heights is still on the top of my list of Belltown's finest, but Gallery is nowhere near the bottom of the barrel in any contest. I can see that building standing strong and timelessly like the 3 previously mentioned.

I say the new condo building looks tight, it's hella dope, freakin rad, and is so fresh.