The games we play (I mean I. The games I play)

First, the random

So, as you might have noticed, it's Gilmore Girls day at casa rakkaleff. Because netflix just got rights and is streaming the whole thing starting today. The early years were nice but I'm not sure I'm that ready for a full steam rewatch. Everysince I realized that the dialog has the same cadence as that in Dragnet I just can't help think of all the parts being played by Jack Webb and that guy from M.A.S.H.

Aside: Why isn't there a British show about the Korean War called B.A.N.G.E.R.S.?

More stuff.
When I work from home, Ms Peel sometimes insists on playing Cat and Mouse

Larb Gai that rakka made for me. Just the right amount of fish sauce!
Aside: When eating things with fish sauce do you ever think about the relationship between Classical Rome and East Asia? Did garum travel on the silk road? If so, in which direction?

The Games

I've been wanting to talk about games. I go in phases with video games, and I've been in a fairly heavy phase this last few months. There are a lot of really neat games out there these days. Me, I've been playing a lot of early access stuff. Which can be frustrating, true, because they're all buggy. But it's also fun to watch them evolve. Anyway, here's a few screens.

Beautiful but deadly cold in The Long Dark

My actual town so far in Banished
I've been playing a shit ton of this game 7 Days to Die, which I like because you can easily build a house/fort/whatever. But it's in alpha and it hasn't gotten as far as letting you make stuff that can move.

Here's my roman villa (pretty old, the UI has moved on). It had a courtyard, of course.

Planet Explorers is in alpha too, but it has a 3d editor that lets you design vehicles and stuff (you can also make buildings but it's not quite as robust). In story mode you still have to acquire materiel to make the stuff or it wouldn't be a challenge. I needed an air vehicle but I didn't have much stuff.

LAV Flying Table MK1
LAV Flying Table MK1 in Planet Explorers
The Flying Table is practical early game when they give you a rotor but withhold landing gear and such. But it gave me an idea.
LAV Flying Banquet X1
LAV Flying Banquet X1 in Planet Explorers
The Flying Banquet is still in the prototype stage, but it seats seven and comes with an elegant silver table service.

A couple more random ones.

Detective Grimoire is short but fun
Lifeless Planet starts of really well. Creepy. But I got stuck on a bug and haven't been back.

I'm also playing the Half Lives. I never have, and the Orange Box was like five bucks on steam. No screenshots though. You've probably seen it already if you want to.

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