Born Day

Yesterday, in celebration of the anniversary of my birth, rakka made for me a medieval feast. She's done a really good write up already, of course. But I'm gonna do that thing too. Mostly as pictures. Mostly the same ones.

Thanks for the card jrhyley!

Before the medieval thing started (this was actually a couple days ago), there was princess torte.  It only dates to, like, the 30s. And it's for princesses, which I'm not. But it was on bake off and we were intrigued.
Princess (peach) torte in all its glory
It's a really complicated cake. Three layers of cake, one of jam, two of custard, and a big pile of whipped cream on the top, then the green marzipan layer.
Inside the cake
It seems crazy but it's totally worth it. Each bite is like a journey through the layers. It starts with the cream, moves through the jam and finishes with the almond from the marzipan. So good. Also, did you know that fresh made marzipan actually tastes really good? Like almonds. Like concentrated almonds. This is new knowledge for me.

Now we start the medieval stuff.

zabarbada of fresh cheese and black bread

Spinach, fig and mushroom pies
Cod poached in wine and a green salad.

alows de beef

Braised apple and goat cheese
All of this stuff was incredibly good. Especially the apples. And the beef. And the mushroom pies. And the spinach ones. Oh, and the fig ones. Oh my god the fig ones. And the fish. And the cheese stuff.

Not pictured, a baked chicken. We were going to do it in front of the fire, rotating on a string. Proper roasting. It also was going to be cold and rainy, but it was like 75F. That's a little too hot to light a hot ass fire and have it burn for like a hundred hours. Seriously, the log was huge, it would have gone for days.

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