recommendations are too good now

Well crap. As shocking as it is, under CBS's rule continues to get better (thank goodness it wasn't yahoo what bought 'em). Specifically, I'm talking about the recommendations. They used to stink, like the blues brothers. I mean they smell[ed] bad. I'm talking 0% hit rate.

But lately they've been getting better and better. In fact, I've gone from not looking at the recommendations, to trying not to look at the recommendations. They cost too much. I just casually dropped 40 bucks at the amazon mp3 store without even really realizing it.

That's probably half the problem, right there. The amazon mp3 store is just too nice. It's cheaper and DRM freer (ie, no DRM) than itunes. Its "stupid" downloader, that I'm sure I complained about somewhere, is actually smooth and easy. It puts the files right in itunes so you don't have to. It's literally one click (if you set it up like that) and the songs are on your player.

It's so dead easy that websites with big brown pirate ships on the front are starting to be my second choice. I'll totally pay to not have to search, and search, and wait, and hope, and wait, and wait, and oh, the seeders must have gone off line... Yeah, 9 bucks and 5 minutes seems like the thing.


Irregular Shed said...

I hear you. I've discovered a few bands I really like off the back of their recommendations over the past year or so, most notably The Go! Team who do a good job of cheering me up when I'm miserable. Yay - if I hadn't just downloaded Supergrass is 10 I'd be all over them like a kitten.

In other news, your link-me-do to my blog probably ought to be updated now that I'm sat over at whilst I play with technology =)

leff said...

The Go! Team, huh? I'll have to give them a try.

Oh, yeah. I updated my feed reader, but the blog sidebar is a whole separate thing.

I use google for both, why can't I pull a tag out of reader for my blogroll? Why can't I have a pony? *Whine!*

Irregular Shed said...

I still find it odd that Feedburner - a Google company as well - can handle Delicious bookmarks (a Yahoo company) but not Google's own Google Bookmarks, from the Google Toolbar. We need more joined-up thinking, people!

leff said...

We sure do. Every two platforms that google has purchased and I want to work together, don't.

Even the ones that they want you to use together don't work very well. My example is blogger and picasa. Once you get a pic in blogger, it goes in to picasa. If you ever want to use it again, you have to go into picasa to get it. Ok, that's not so bad.

But then you have to use different tools to do the same thing, and with different results. Blogger embeds using just an img tag wrapped in an a tag. Picasa puts the whole thing in a table with a bunch of junk in it. Scandalous.