marlborough building [architecture friday]

I know, I know. It's sunday and not, in fact, friday. I've been distracted. I watched so much of the RNC that I became incapacitated. I got about half way through the God Delusion before I felt clean again.

But, enough of that. Architecture is the word of the day. I was in first hill today and ran across the Marlborough building. It's pretty.

marlborough building

I got a little excited when the sign said that had some extremely affordable units. But $257,000 is still expensive for 523 square feet. Unfortunately, you don't get a discount for buying in bulk. Why does price per square foot go up with square feet? This is completely contrary to my experience with buying things. Groceries and houses are basically the same, right?

marlborough building detail

Maybe not. Anyway, the marlborough is pretty. Somebody should totally live there and tell me how great the inside is.

[where: 1220 Boren Ave, Seattle, WA] [map]

Oh, and since this post is so late, I'll include some bonus photos from my flickr stream (it's like I'm navigating the web for you; see how nice I am!)

hill downtown
Hill, downtown. I like the sun on that old building in the background

olive tower
Olive tower, with some 80s monstrosities for backdrop

convention center
Convention center vines. Hokey, but I like it anyway.

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