err... wamu tower? [architecture friday]

By now we've all heard, we've lost wamu. A perfect time to talk about their skin-crawlingly ugly tower.

washington mutual tower
JPMorgan Chase Tower

Washington Mutual Tower screams 'eighties'. Which, despite the fashion industry's success at selling it to the young'uns, I consider to be a bad thing. The eighties were ugly when I lived through them. They still are. Evidence:

washington mutual tower
they can have it, it's awful

There are a couple nice bits. The trees in the courtyard are nice. The art, if you wish to call it that... well, I'm embarrassed for them.

wamu tower courtyard
silly courtyard, but nice trees

The little lights on the side are nice. Wish they were on some other building.

washington mutual tower light
ooh, one feature I kind of like

Right on the next block is WaMu center. It's much better. I actually quite like it. It's all boxy and blue and shiny. Ground level is kind of ugly, but as soon as you get to the second story: sweet.

wamu center (ground level)
wamu center, much better

And from a distance it's this nice big blue monolith. It stands away from other buildings just a bit, which makes it even prettier.

wamu center

WaMu Center, FTW!

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Unknown said...

I utterly agree that the WaMu Tower is a miserable piece of 1980s Post Modern crap.

I also agree that the WaMu center is a great building. Of all the downtown highrises, it's my favorite. It's unabashedly a rectangle, but contains subtle features that viewed from a distance give it a sail-like appearance.