my new bag is super cool

It's an Alchemy Goods Urban. It's made out of bicycle inner tubes, and a seat belt. It looks like this.

Alchemy Goods 'urban' bag

It's not totally recycled though. That would be difficult to impossible. But AG puts the percentage by weight of recycled material right on the label. The urban is 76% recycled.

Alchemy Goods 'urban' bag close up

That ain't bad. Especially since it's really reused material. 'Recycle' implies a boiling down to component parts; the stuff in this bag was just cut up and sewn back together. No toxic byproducts (as far as I know). Hooray!

But t's not just good because it's recycled. It's a really good bag too.

The silly part was that I had it shipped, even though it's made in town. Intuitively that cuts in to the whole environmentalist point of the bag, but, you know, I don't have a car, so :^P


Irregular Shed said...

That's fab. I'm sure I've seen something in Make along these lines... makes me wish I was a wizard with a sewing machine!

leff said...

Me too!

I think you might need an industrial monster sewing machine for this project though. The rubber is thick!

jensq said...

In the old days, Ag was just 47. Maybe there is some recycled Osmium in it? Looks very sturdy.

leff said...

Hmm, that would mean my bottle reopener is made of fermium.

It is very sturdy. And comfortable. I like it lots.

Anonymous said...

hey man.. so how big isthis bag? i think you should post a pic of you wearing it...i want one,, but i dont want it to end up being too small for me

leff said...

It's not huge. It'll hold my laptop and two or three good sized books.

I've got to say, though, it doesn't handle heavy stuff very well. The shoulder strap digs into my shoulder. But what's worse is the quick release adjuster slips under heavy loads. Which is annoying.