eating people

I flipped past some crappy samurai documentary on the history channel the other day. It stated that Japanese people think of the belly as westerners do the heart. Like, a "big belly" means "kind and generous" (ref. "big hearted"). The documentary was trying to say that Seppuku (hara-kiri) was like cutting out your soul.

Does that explain, then, things like Hare+Guu, and this video (via)?

Is getting eaten like visiting the soul of the eater? This is the type of question that keeps me up at night.


Phil Wilson said...

I am freaked out beyond belief.

leff said...

Are you going to be up all night thinking about how I'm up all night thinking about this stuff?

Phil Wilson said...

I'll be, uh, some combination of the above that doesn't involve you keeping me up at night.