a whole week!

Oh noes!!! I'm a bad blogger!

just look how upset I am

So, lesse, what have I been doing? I developed an unhealthy obsession, went on a factory tour, went to the beach, finished something I started a long time ago, and did got ready to start something else.

The unhealthy obsession was for, you guessed it, a video game. I got hold of Tony Hawk's american sk8land for the DS. It's basically just like the one for the ps2, but smaller. It plays better though, easier than the 'big console' TH games. Somehow that prevented me from being able to put it down. I wanted to. It wasn't even that fun. I ended up playing it all the way through. That got it out of my system.

Your main dammie in THAS-ds

Rakka found out that Theo Chocolate in Freemont gives factory tours. So we went on friday. It was well, well, very much worth the five bucks. I wrote up a big long thing on the food blog.

puget sound
Golden Gardens is nice, even when it's cold.

And speaking of video games, I finally finished Hotel Dusk. Now that one I really liked. I'm still amazed a how much I know the characters. They're well rounded for any game characters, and these guys are on a hand-held! I shouldn't be surprised, because it's a character driven game. But it's so rarely done well.

Lastly, I got ready to start the next big project for Bookton (see the blog). I'm ready to start working on the magic 'pull data from the internet' tool. It's going to be fun.

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