I find ways to make email amusing

I was a busy little bee last week. This week I decided to be boring. I didn't start any new blogs or anything.

I did happen to notice this little tidbit at the bottom of rakka's contact page in my gmail.

It is showing item's one to twenty of of thousands. We talk a lot. Gmail includes chats in here, so it's maybe not that impressive. I've just never seen "thousands" show up.

And from the funny spam department, Enlarger I. Homestretch is the name I will use to label my luggage from now on.

It is the kind of name that gets stuck in my head, like a song. I will have to watch myself or I'll say it at really inappropriate times.
store clerk: What kind of bag? paper or plastic?
me: Enlarger I. Homestretch
That would not be good.

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r4kk4 said...

hey, enlarger i. homestretch, you failed to mention that it took about 4 years to get that many emails and ims. and that a lot of them were you iming me saying "omg!! where's my thumbdrive?!??!". ;D