British Holiday Chapter 14: Nice Lunch and a plane trip

Best Meal ever
It was our last day in town. It was a late plane, so we had the morning. I spent some time in the back garden at the flat. Nice light that day.
Back Garden
I used up the last of the waitrose food. Actually, I think that might be the fish pie.
Double checked the cheese before packing it up. I should have reviewed the cheese yesterday, even though we didn't eat it until we got home. Here's the review: Fantastic!
Cheese Boat Cheese
We took a walk looking for a nice pub for our last meal. Last meal in town I should say, but it felt like it was going to be the last meal ever.
Cute car.
We saw a cute car, which Shed has since identified and then I forgot what it was again. And then we made our way to the Swimmer at the Grafton Arms (we were sat at the table pictured in that timeout article). That's where I got that sunday roast that I led off with. I normally don't eat mammals but it was a special occasion.

It was rost lamb with potatoes, cabbage, yorkshire pudding, green beans and carrots. Gravy and mint sauce. I absolutely loved the mint sauce. It was just colmans mint sauce mixed with some malt vinegar, the waitress mixed it up just before servering and with the open kitchen I could see what she did, but it was the best and I want it all the time.

The place itself was pretty nice. Sparsely populated for Sunday lunch, but that's fine by me. The barman was a wanna be russell brand. Or maybe it was russell brand. Maybe r. brand was keeping it real by spending his sunday pulling pints Holloway. I dunno.

Terminal 5
And then depression set in. We got a mini cab to paddington, and took the heathrow connect train to terminal 5. I'm never doing that again, btw. The heathrow connect and the heathrow express are run by the same company, and the connect just exists to upsell you to the express. You have to get off and transfer at terminal 1. What a pain in the ass. Still we got to the terminal at least a half an hour before we were allowed to check in.

With the waiting and the flying, it was about 13, 14 hours before we got this view of Mt. Rainier.
Mt. Rainier
That's taken from the light rail terminal at SeaTac. Rakka and I hate the Kitsap Airporter so much we go through Seattle and come back on the ferry, unless the flight gets in very late at night. It's about the same amount of time anyway.

And so that's it. We're done with the last trip, finally. It's just a little over a month until the next one. After that, I'm going to have to start going other places. It's not that I'm tired of London, that'll never happen. But I've already decided 1,000 times that I will live there eventually, somehow. So I might as well see some other stuff.


santos. said...

nissan figaro. i don't know. might be the only thing that could get me to move to the UK. oh and of course, true lurrrrrve :eye roll:

leff said...

It the kind of car that makes me want to own a car.