British Holiday Chapter 11: Brighton

Ice cream and flake and flake. Do the Ice cream and flake, do the Ice cream and flake.
I know, I know. These are getting farther and farther apart. It's dumb and I'm a slacker. I have to pick up the pace a bit though, or this trip will overlap with the next one, which is scheduled for mid october.

So this is Brighton. It's got a pebble beach, ice cream and cockles.
Cockles are fishy and gritty. I'm glad I got the small cup. Couldn't have really handled more.
There are some nice old deco buildings. And of course the famous pleasure pier, which is apparently run by gangsters.
Brighton Pier
The Brighton Eye has since been copied exactly in Seattle. Of course, in Seattle they did it on a pier instead of solid ground. Other than that I think they're exactly the same.
I wonder why they didn't build this on some sticks in the water?
The nice thing about Brighton Pier is it's less commercial than I expected. I figured you'd be expected to pay to do stuff like stick your face through a hole, but no. Totally free.
That doesn't stop people from fucking with the signs. And why would you not want some Brighton Pie anyway?
Brighton Pie
It's a nice little place, really, is the Brighton waterfront. We were in the shoulder season I guess. Most of the stuff was closed.
Horatios Bar
In fact, they were doing some work. Of course, the construction guys mugged for the camera.
Rakka and I laughed at the PP BM signs on the toilets. Because that's what you do in there. Groc didn't get it though. I suppose we just have different pet names for bodily functions over here.
P.P. B.M.
After the beach, we started heading up to the Royal Pavilion, which as you probably know, is George IVs crazy fancy beach house. This fountain isn't that.
This is that.
Royal Pavilion 
This is also it. It's a tad over the top.
Royal Pavilion
You can't take pictures inside the Pavilion, so you have to just go yourself.

Now, this is important. You can't make a fancy beach house without a statue of yourself. Keep this in mind, and do it properly.
George IV
Then go down the pub. Actually, up the pub. This one is over by the lanes, where we didn't go shopping.
We had Pims to drink, and that's important too.
Pims Cup
It was a good day, but by the end I felt kinda like this guy.
Standing Kip
And on the train back to London, I finally got a good picture of two of battersea power station. We talked to some fancy people on their way to a gala about how sad the state of it is. Of course, now it's got funding and is going to be fixed up. I'm glad for that.

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