Seattle Tower [architecture friday]

There are a lot of buildings I really like in Seattle. Noticing that has made me realize that I actually have a bit of a thing for architecture. (coincidentally, the realization came at the exact moment I became old). So I'm going to do this thing were I rave and/or rant about some building around town, every Friday. It's the lazy blogger's friend: a regular feature.

Let's just start off with the ones everybody knows. We have to see them. Let's just get it out of the way right now.

Needle smith tower and that weird wedge parking garage the library

We may talk more about those later, but my flickr stream is full of them. You've seen it all before. So now, we begin:

Yesterday I walked by Seattle Tower. It's my new favorite. Of course it is. It's Seattle's first art-deco building. And as we all know, that's my favorite junk. Or if we don't, we will soon.

Seattle Tower from the sidewalk
That's some ornate brickwork. And a shit-ton of bricks.

I thought I had captured some weird lighting effect when I downloaded my pictures. It turns out that the thing was built with a gradient. 33 slightly different colors of brick. I shows up better in the pictures than real life, but it's still cool.

Seattle Tower from across the street.
You can start to see the gradient a bit here.

The entryway is fantastic.

Seattle Tower Entrance
These doors only open for people in suits (three piece or better)

One last picture.

Seattle Tower from 2nd Ave
The long shot. This is from 2nd Ave.

[where: 1218 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA]

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