my systems are cool, my systems are poppin

After much procrastination, and 3 hours of work, all the video game systems are properly installed and illuminated.

video game systems installed
Hey guys, let's play

This was Rakka's idea, and it I love it. It looks great, but the systems aren't all plugged in. I can't find a video source switcher with enough inputs. The most I've found is six. I need at least nine. Right now our three favs [dvd, wii, xbox] are plugged in to a crappy radio shack switcher.

Ikea fans will recognize the cabinetry as an expedit shelf. What's less obvious is the shelf lighting is also ikea. They're dioder lights. There are two things I love about them.
  1. They're LEDs so low heat, low power, and I'll be bored with them long before they burn out.
  2. They are fantastically thin. Check this out:
ikea dioder LED light, installed on the shelves
They're like, what, three centimeters thick?

I just glued them in place (with the included sticky pad things). They came with tiny little screws too.

'Dioder' LED lights from Ikea
This is them. I like the icon

For such a small set of lights, they sure come in a huge package. There is so much wiring that finding a place to tuck it all away is difficult.

dioder LED lights from ikea include an incredible volume of wires
I could rewire a beetle with all this

Sorry, that's the second worst thing about them. The first is that ikea doesn't sell them online. Even though they're small and shippable you have to drag yourself to the store. Something that feels more and more like work each time I do it.

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