my player weighs a ton

I've been listening to a lot of Nobody and Blockhead recently. They both have some tracks that I really really like, and some others that are only moderately neat-o.

Also, I like nearly everything I've heard from Cepia, but it's almost too mellow sometimes.

I've only heard the one album from Nobody, And Everything Else...

There's some lady singing in that song. I do this thing where I ignore lyrics, so they might be crap.

I only like the one album by Blockhead, Music by Cavelight.

Cepia just has EPs apparently. Here's one.

I'm not actually encouraging you to buy from bleep, btw. Although I do sometimes. The main thing is they have better web tools than That seems wrong somehow.


Anonymous said...

Really? Most of their widgets seem pretty useful. I can pass on any feedback if you like.

leff said...

They don't have a "play this exact song" widget. At least not for free members. Or even a "preview this exact song".

So in this case, when I'm talking about my favorite song on an album, doing "Cepia Radio, music like Cepia" doesn't really fit.

I paid for a month, but I never checked the widget page during that time. Maybe it's a pro feature.

Anonymous said...

Hm I see. I think for that, you'd have to build a playlist and then widgetise that. There's no way AFAIK to play a single song or sample of it, without ripping off the HTML generated from the player in the band's page.

leff said...

Yeah. Like I say, it's not as convenient as bleep. Although bleep's design is so bad I had to have somebody show me the blogger tools.
In general, using bleep is a study in pain.

Anyway, I know why can't just make a "play the whole album" widget. Legal reasons. But it seems like a "preview this song" widget would be possible.