spacious hybrid

Did I mention I got zip car? Well, I did.

Today, the station wagony subaru I reserved wasn't there. Which sucked because we were taking a crap-ton of stuff to goodwill after our recent move. Did I mention that we moved, Rakka and I? Upstairs, same building? Well, we did.

It's got, like, a battery and shit.

Anyway, there we were with no car. When we called in, they bumped us up to Honda Prius Hybrid (normally an extra buck an hour). I was worried we'd have to make two trips, we had so much stuff. But that thing is roomy.

Look at all that junk. That's a lot of junk in a trunk.
Well, not exactly a trunk, but that'll amuse Rakka anyway.

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r4kk4 said...

it really does amuse me. beyond belief.