As has been mentioned elsewhere, casa rakkaleff has been wiied. Better late than never, what? Thanks a bundle to nowinstock for giving me the lowdown, twitter style (seriously, I had about a 5 minute window on amazon to make the order).

The wii is all that, I must say. It's the only console I ever bought where the game that came with it was worth playing. And if I want to relive the days of crappy games that came with systems, I can go download Altered Beast from the Wii Shop Channel.

Speaking of Wii Shopping. I quite like it. This is dangerous. I've had the thing a week and I've dropped 30 bucks already. I'm particularly happy with my Paper Mario (64) purchase. I like it so much better than Super Paper Mario. But that's another post.

I'm sure everybody says this, but I'm surprised by how much fun Mii's can be. And this is only enhanced by the Check Mii Out Channel. That's where we found Mr T, who has since been sending threatening memos.

memo from mr t

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Anonymous said...

oh, hey! i forgot that we got "animal crossing" in a gamecube bundle! that was a good deal for me!