another bit of job related news

I'm on the redfin blog!

It's in a piece about the Real Estate Scientist, a new feature that we just turned on about five minutes ago*.

*when I wrote this, which was last night.


Irregular Shed said...

Based on the restricted views of you on Flickr I'm sat here trying to tell which one is you. My money's on the one in the blue top in the middle =)

Irregular Shed said...

(and is seated).

And who decided a PNG was right for a photo?

leff said...

yep, that's me alright.
(or maybe i'm the one in the green shirt third from left)

and png is our goto format around here. so what if it's bigger than a jpg, it's a PNG!

Irregular Shed said...

I figured that probably was you, mainly by the hair. But I had to be sure =)

Hair was the only distinguishing factor between Pip and myself this afternoon as we both independently started hacking the Flash version of the BBC iPlayer at the same time. (He managed to extract a full URL before me, but I located the rtmp protocol which led him there, and managed to pull pertinent data from a couple of XML files to repeat the procedure withouthaving to sniff packets. It was an exciting flurry of geek action, probably, although probably not now that I actually think about it.)

Phil Wilson said...

hey, I only got rtmp from the port 1935 from Wireshark, you swine! If you knew, you could have told me! :) and now I go to blog about it I can't remember half of the details :(

aaaaaaaanyway! I'd love to have a photo of me in the press, as it is I trawl Flickr looking for photos of me. I'm so vain that I hear they wrote a song about me.

leff said...

I wouldn't say press, exactly, it's just the company blog. It's still nice.

Irregular Shed said...

Hijacking the comments =)

@Pip: my mistake, I said it was rtsp when I meant rtmp. In my defence, I've caught Jack and Jayney's cold, and everything is a headachey blur of half-fact.