Every year the deceptions get deeper and deeper. One day I'm going to catch on. I almost did this time, but Rakka still managed to plan an entire birthday party without me knowing about it. Thanks Rakka!

Photo by Rakka

Dalek Cookies Because there's nothing quite as sweet as a little green blob in bonded polycarbide armor.

Photo by Rakka

CyberManicottie Note to all other pasta: "you will become like us!" or "you will be upgraded!" (depending on what decade you're from)

She also got me this rad Sonic Screwdriver.

Photo by Me

Sonic Screwdriver Also pictured here.

It even came with psychic paper!

There was going to be a tardis cake too, but I ruined it by taking a half day. She tried to hurry and it broke. *frownies*

god, I am such a nerd. I'm ok with it though. And so is Rakka. Thanks Rakka, for enabling me in my nerdery!!!


r4kk4 said...

you're welcome, you nerd. hahaha!!

santos. said...

happy belated birthday!!!! embrace the nerd within and without!

that cybermanicottie looks like a victim of some 28 days/weeks later zombie virusfication. i'm just sayin'. it was probably deeeelicious.

Unknown said...

t'was delicious indeed!

On another note, funny how your blog-post rate has accelerated recently 8P

leff said...

@rakka: Thbbbbbpht!

@santos: Thanks!!! Will do. Or, really, am doing. Geek's unite!

@matt: That is funny :)