pepperidge farm remembers

I am soon going to be macless. I expect this will only be temporary. So before I trade this on in, I'm going to write down all extra bits I can't live without. This is merely an aid to an aging memory.


The application launcher to end all application launchers. Launchy and spotlight look like the start menu compared to QS.


Any text editor that is both free and can regex replace, recursively over a directory tree, is a winner in my book.


It's kind of like Pidgin, but it, you know, works.


Dead simple bittorrent client.


Pretty good GUI svn client.

FileMerge (from Apple Xcode Utilities)

GUI diff on any two files. Very nice. Use it all the time.


DVD backups are really useful. Handbrake takes feckin forever, but it works.


Pop up notifications. It pretty much comes with everything these days.


There are a multitude of "better than default" screen grab utilities. This one works well for me.

iStats menus

CPU and Memory graphs right in the menu bar, where you actually need them.

iStats pro

Super detailed stats about your computer, as a dashboard widget. There are a lot of these too. This is the one I like.


Another thing I need in the menu bar: today's date.


Apple-Tab through windows, not applications. Kind of useful when you have three firefox windows and 10 terminals running, but I still find myself using expose most of the time.

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