thunderbird contacts import interface

I know TB only has a few people working on it, and this is a little used feature, so I can cut them some slack. But this interface is so terrible it's hard to describe.

The left column is the destination (thunderbird address records), the right is the source (in this case, gmail address records). In order to line them up you have to move things up and down in the left column, to match with the right.

It's made especially clunky by the fact that clicking anywhere in either column toggles the check box. ugh.

I'd almost rather they didn't offer the feature at all. At least not until they had time to do it up right.

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Unknown said...

I agree, a long time i´m trying looking for a plugin that makes things with contacts easier, cause this take a great time organizing, and i mostly give up and end letting just mail and name.
But thunder still the best :D