Oh, thanks Joost. This is the latest version. I downloaded it a half hour ago. I've spent all the intervening time using this exact binary. Granted, I was using it to remove the piles of cruft that you so kindly added to "my channels". A process which you make incredibly painful.

You can't choose the item in "my channels" and click remove. The only remove button is on the "Channel Directory" page. While I can search, it doesn't take me to the channel directory page. So I'm left clicking through the entire list of channels trying to find the stuff I don't like. That's not a good position to put your users in.

And then it crashes, and won't start again. You know what? I give up. Again.

There's nothing on there anyway.


Irregular Shed said...

I uninstalled it a couple of months ago. It did nothing for me. Masses of tedious tat in a clunky interface.

leff said...

They keep sending me emails and I think "Oh, well maybe it's gotten better." It never has.

Phil Wilson said...

Don't you just highlight the item and press the delete key?

In fairness it's a very small team, and still beta (alpha last time I used it) so y'know, all that jazz.

I'm not normally this generous but I know some of the Joost people :)

leff said...

Oh, I don't doubt that all the programmers and designers are excellent. I know it's still very in beta. And trust me, I know about small teams...

The app is very mouse based. To the point that it never occurred to me to try the keyboard.

Really my frustration, as usual, starts with the business and marketing end. It's a marketing decision to fill "my channels" with a bunch of crap that I'll never watch.

Follow that up with poor mac support (refer to the screenshot), and frustration boils, ever so slightly, over.

Phil Wilson said...

yeah, it's still just a pc-only app at the moment. interesting about the mouse though - i think i mostly used the keyboard, just using the mouse for widget positioning etc.

it'll be interesting to see what market they get, if any at all.