Palm Springs

Last weekend I took a little road trip from Irvine to Palm Springs with a few of my coworkers. My first time in Palm Springs. We took the cable car up to the top of the mountain for a little hike. Ice prevented us from making the full circuit. We were unprepared.

Blue and Yellow, Palm Springs

Blue Mountains, Palm Springs

Mountains, Palm Springs

Open Road


Palm Springs

Sunny Palm Springs

Wind Farm Highway

Dino Sighting

So that was the trip.

It's hard to find beauty in Irvine, but while I was down there I did manage to find a little. Socal does have some nice sunsets. Even in February. Even when you're standing next to a some giant industrial cooling tower that's running so loud that you can hardly see.

Sunset in Irvine

Trees and Sun

It's not enough to make me move there. I do really enjoy my job. But I also really love not owning a car. And you can't do socal without a car.

Well, I did, this trip. You can kind of pull of carless in Irvine if you a) don't need to commute farther than you're willing to walk, and b) don't need to go anywhere, ever. You do get the sidewalk all to yourself though, so that's something.

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