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It might be a strange thing, but even though we watch tv a lot at the casa, we rarely just watch some tv. Some random pbs show about sherlock holmes shows us this. WTF is that space tube?

Zoom. Peep the space age pedway in the top right
That's a bit of London that neither Rakka nor I can leave mysterious. So back it up to the long shot.

Long Shot. Pedway in the middle, shard in the back center, canary wharf way back on the left.
Right, so we're looking west from somewhere near the river. Maybe near the eye? That looks like a train station. What station is over there? Waterloo, right. So to google maps.

Waterloo station on google maps.
And there it is. Google says it is London Waterloo East. And wikipedia says of the station "An elevated walkway across Waterloo Road connects it to London Waterloo station and provides the main access." and shows basically the same shot as the show.

This weird jetsons-esque pedway gets you most of the way from waterloo to waterloo east, where a victorian era foot bridge seems to take over.

You can see it from the ground from under waterloo road, or just on google maps.
via google maps
And inside views are available on this nationalrail interactive map.

We don't have the history yet. That might take actual books from actual libraries, or talking to people. The internet still has limits. We will have to send out our crack field archaeologists, namely us. For now, back to the show.


Wastedpapiers said...

We used to walk through that tunnel many a time on our way to the seaside or places in Kent and Sussex you could only get to via Waterloo East. I remember it being rather old and decrepit so perhaps they've modernised it since we lived in Lambeth?

leff said...

Since I'm so fascinated by the thing that sounds really fun. In practice it's probably about equivalent to one of those tube transfers where you walk about a mile and a half through an underground tube because the single tube stop you're in was build as two separate stops on different streets. Or in other words, annoying.

But based on the pictures they've given it a good scrubbing anyway, and maybe a coat of paint.

I'm still really curious why they chose that architectural style. So incongruous.

Wastedpapiers said...

Well, that's London for you I guess - always building modern office blocks next to tiny medieval churches and Victorian stations etc.!

leff said...

I kinda love that chaos. It makes the city feel so alive in a way.