British Holiday Chapter 9: Camden to Regents Park

Yeah, this is thefountainin the background
We decided that the best thing was to be on the outside of the flat as much as possible. So we took off early and headed to one of our favorite places in London (so far), the graveyard at the Saint Pancras Old Church. Home to the famous Hardy Tree.
The Hardy Tree again
Those are all the people that were buried where the railway is now (behind that brick wall in the background). I somehow doubt that all the bodies are under the tree. Maybe they're still under the rail lines. I always end up thinking about what it must have been like when Thomas Hardy was supervising the excavation.

"Where should we put these Gravestones?" the workers ask. "Oh, just stack them around that tree for now. We'll find a morepermanentarrangement later." replies Hardy.

Later, the forman approaches Hardy, hat in hand "Um, Guv, what about those Gravestones around that tree?" Hardy looks him in the eye and says "I'm a novelist now. Lalalalala." Then he dances away.

Could it have happened like that, I start to wonder.But then I get distracted by the tomb that looks like a red phone booth. Except red phone booths look like it. But you know all this already.
The phone booth tomb again
Our actual target this morning was Camden Town. We passed a place that reminded us of home.
It's the type of place that's been getting raided recently. I'm rather glad we didn't stop in.

I'm also glad that this was as far as we got into Camden. It's not my sort of place.
Camden town
Instead, we busted left and took a stroll past the lock.
Camden Lock
And down the canal.
Under a bridge.
Past a swan.
And some boats.
An old church.
Some old Church
And in to Regents Park. Where I sat and took pictures of BT Tower again. Because that's what I do.
BT Tower
Regents park is really rather nice. Especially down the south end where all the manicured gardens are.
Some old Water Fountain
There are a few little shops. I stopped and had a sausage.
Regents Park sausage
And then we took a stroll through the manicured bits. Hey, guess what picture I took?
BT Fountain
I could have posted a lot more photos, because it was a really nice day. But they would get boring after a while.
Bright flowers
I will just say, parks in London are the best. They're well maintained and pretty and all that, but that's not why. It's the people. The parks can be completely stuffed full of people and yet it never feels like they're all up ons.Londoners certainly know how to handle density. I dig it.

Right, not many words in this post. But the pictures tell a story, wot? Next time, we take a boat tour on the Thames.


Irregular Shed said...

As a frequent viewer of British telly, you may have recognised Camden canal, lock and that bridge from masses and masses of programmes. Any cop show set in London will have filmed there multiple times, pretty much any drama (set in the present day, obv) will have too.

leff said...

Yes. What they never show on the telly is how there's nothing around but naff tourist shops, and the tourists that love them.