British Holiday Chapter 6: We drink in Cardiff

Cardiff Bay
We had big plans for this day. We were going to make Shed drive us around an area the size of Wales. But we were all three very tired, and we had private access to one of the best views in the city (our hotel room). We scrapped our big plans, and replaced them with "potter around town, then take some beers back to the hotel."

While we were waiting for Shed to arrive we watched John Lewis' falconer show their falcon to all the pigeons.
We didn't know what he was doing at the time, so it seemed weird. When Shed got there he explained to us that walking around with a falcon and letting the pigeon's see it is enough to freak their shit. And indeed, John Lewis didn't have a pigeon problem.

Anyway, we started the day with the antique shops in the Jacobs and Co. building. Or we would have done if it had been open. It looks pretty fun, and since it was Shed's idea and he knows his stuff, I'm sure it would have been. Next time, next time.
Jacobs And Co (Cardiff) Ltd.
We passed by Spillers records but we didn't go in (my fault). We went to the High Street & Duke Street Arcades in all their late Victorian splendor (again, my fault). There's a shop that sells buttons. Also, they had a dalek infront of the fancy dress shop. It's not possible to go a whole day in Cardiff without some Doctor Who stuff.
Yellow Arcade
Arcade with Dalek
The arcades are right by the castle. I may have mentioned the castle.
That Castle again
At some point, possibly the day before, we went into the Queen's Arcade, across the way. It's more of a mall (but the Lego store was fun). The old arcades are where it's at.

No, I take that back. The City Arms is where it's at.
The City Arms
Nice old place. It's a Brains pub, which isn't a bad thing if you ask me.
The others had Peroni, which is good. But I'm in it for the cask ale. That dark one you see is mine.
Two or three of these later (and a pickled egg for me. I love pickled eggs) we decided it was time to balance things out with some food. Of course, that meant nando's. There was one in town that even Shed hadn't been to [update: I was so wrong about this. this wasn't the Nando's Shed Hadn't been to. I am so sorry]. We resolved to fix this terrible oversight immediately.
Nando's Again
The funny part is that rakka, groc and I almost went to that Nando's on our first visit to Cardiff in 2010. We got crepes instead. The knackered party dalek (pictured here) was still there, and no less knackered.

Nando's makes a good hummus.

So, now comes the part where we went back to the hotel with some beer. We stopped at Tesco Express to pick some up. I think Shed amazed by our ability to direct him to the beer section, but we have our priorities straight. 1) get off the train. 2) find the booze store.
That's the hotel.
Anyway, we just hung around, listened to 6 music, drank the beer, and looked out of the window. You've already seen pictures of the view. Yeah, that was the afternoon.

As evening approached we convinced Shed that he had to take us to the Vulcan before it was gone. It's a little old pub in the way of a major construction project. There's been a campaign to save it, etc etc. I don't have any pictures of the outside because the whole place was surrounded by heavy construction equipment.
Never get out of bed before Noon
Genius but nobody knows it but me
The equipment was all going full blast while we were in there too. The flashing yellow lights and big diesel engines didn't do anything to keep the place warm though. It was fecking freezing in there, leading Shed to make some comment about how they should tear it down. Haha. Well they will, but very carefully. You haven't missed your chance to experience the Vulcan, you just have to wait until they move it to St Fagans.

Next time, we leave Cardiff (boo) and visit Bath and Pip (yay) and then return to London (yay).

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