i broke my own rule, now i'm paying for it

[warning: rant]

I used apple software, other than the base OS. It's always a mistake. I know this.

And then, for some reason which I can't fathom, when I clicked on a flickr folder in iphoto it had some sort of trouble with the sync or something. Ok, so shit happens right? But knowing that there were a bunch of photos in there, and knowing that I took no action it thought that it should go ahead and modify the contents on the server to match it's own, wrong, internal state. Without asking it deleted most of the photos from the flickr set; a permanent, irrevocable action. I have the photos locally, but any comments or conversations are now gone forever*.

This is obviously inexcusable. I only have myself to blame, because I know better. Apple software should never, ever be relied on for anything you actually care about. But it was just so easy… Yes, I only have myself to blame, but I still blame apple. Windows 7 just keeps looking better and better.

*because flickr is run by chumps who can't be bothered to put a ui in to flip the 'deleted flag' back to false. You know they've had the backend for it since the beginning because a free->pro upgrade undeletes anything that falls off the bottom of your free 200 (or however many it is these days)


Groc said...

now, now - don't get uppity - Mr Jobs knows best - remember, you've only along for his ride...

leff said...

you're right. He knows i didn't really want those photos online anymore, even though I don't know that.