iphoto 09 has few, if any, improvements

The big win, I thought, would be flickr integration. Turns out that the flickr integration is so incredibly bad that I will never ever, evereverever use it. I would write it all up, but that's already been done.

The basic point is that it's designed to treat flickr like mobileme galleries, which I guess is like picasa web albums or something. But we all know that flickr is not a photobucket. It seems that Apple doesn't understand flickr, or thinks their users don't. I don't know why I'm surprised; Apple software is crap (with a few exceptions like webkit and the os itself, which i love).

Just to round it out, iphoto 09's other features haven't helped much either. The places/geo coding thing looked like it was going to be cool, but the interface is terrible. You have to bring up the map for each photo. I want to be able to drag photos onto the map. Why? Because I like to be specific. I don't want to say "I took this picture at seattle center", I want to say "I took this picture at the international fountain at seattle center, and I was standing right about here". iphoto 09's one photo at a time approach makes that way too cumbersome. Am I being too demanding? I got this idea from flickr, which is a web app...

As for faces, I don't really take pics of people, so whatever.

What I really don't understand is how I'm so obviously in the target demo for apple hardware and os, but not for any of their software. I mean, they sell it all as a package. Seems weird.

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Anthony said...

With a heavy heart, I have to agree. iPhoto is rubbish. It's rubbish in the way that a second time date that starts planning what your house is going to look like and discusses boy and girl names. You will have one photo life and it's iPhoto life. The photos are stored in an inexplicable filing system, name changes and tags don't transfer out of it, when you've said goodbye it keeps popping up every time you wave a bluetooth phone near it, and fack me is it memory hungry.
Japanese camera photo management software is complete pants