some lqa buildings [architecture sunday]

Snow. That's what we have. We're not used to it, we're not prepared. Seattle has very few plow trucks (seriously, there are about 12 or something). So there's not much to do but crunch around in the snow taking pictures.

It's been a while since I did any architecture posts. So here are a couple of buildings near my house that I've always kind of liked.

The Delphian is a bit run down these days, and I can't imagine that it's super fun to live in. But I can't help liking it. I mean, it's blue. From the street it's a big blue box. What's not to like?


Here it is sans snow.

And right next door is this mid century thing. The balconies seem kind of cheery somehow. But what I really like is the entry way. Don't know why. Just do. It's a nice shape.

nice entryway

And again, sans snow. (golly, I like technology)

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