Casa RakkaLeff is moving

As if I wasn't busy enough.

We're not moving far. Just upstairs, actually. At the end of the month. Seems crazy, I know.

But it's a bigger place. And it has a view of trees and the street, instead of a brick wall. And it's on the third floor so we don't have to worry about people peering in the window.

But really, it is crazy. It comes down to this, too much time in one place and I get the jimmy legs. Maybe it comes from moving every few years when I was coming up, but anything longer than about two years feels like a looong time. We've been in this apartment for 2 and a half.

So, based on that initial bit of crazy, moving up stairs actually makes a lot of sense. Both Rakka and I really like this building, and the building manager too (the first time I've ever been able to honestly say that about a building manager/land lord). This way, we get what I hope is the perfect balance of keeping the good and still getting shiny new.

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