oh, hello

Been working a hell ov a lot lately. So I haven't been doing the blogging. That's not to say that I haven't found time for some video games.

Played though most of Zack & Wiki (wikipedia). Didn't finish. Fun, but the puzzle difficulty was all over the place. And I'm not a fan of action puzzles, of which there were a few. They were especially annoying because the control was pretty bad. If there are zombies after you, the difference between running away and embracing them should be more than two pixels. The final boss was unpleasantly difficult; even with cheats and help.

So, sent that back and gamefly sent me Battalion Wars 2 (wikipedia). Been playing it only a couple days. It's pretty crap. Despite what IGN might say, the control is not intuitive at all; it's so easy to set the wrong guys shooting at the wrong thing. The pacing is awful; they're constantly interrupting game play to tell you what to do next. And the voice acting is some of the worst in any game I've played in many years.

In between those two I started Phantom Hourglass (wikipedia). Now that's fun. I get stuck sometimes, I always do in zelda games, but that's what gamefaqs.com is for.

Endless Ocean
(wikipedia) looks good. I might skip rental and go right to the purchase option. Usually bites me when I do that though.


Anonymous said...

I can't possibly imagine actually buying Endless Ocean.

Pretty much every single review I've read of Battallion Wars has said that the controls are great and that the hand-holding is too intrusive.

Maybe you're just really bad at games ;)

leff said...

Well, I don't have to imagine buying Endless Ocean anymore. I did it. I'm actually really happy with it. But then, I really like diving in rl.

I may be bad a games. I gave up on Battallion Wars and started on Metroid Prime 3. I think the controls on that thing are awful too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that meant to be the game with the best first-person shooter control system ever? :)

leff said...

Yeah, well reviews are written by morons that are paid to say good things.

I mean, hold down c (left hand) and tilt the controller up (right hand) so that you can look a something??? Come On!