on Rhys, Yppah, and Death Metal

I've been hearing a lot about Gruff Rhys lately. Shed ran in to him at work (he's tall), and Rakka got the cd (CandyLion). So, even though I never listened to the Super Furries, I thought I'd give it a listen. Judging by the huge margin that he beat everybody else by in last week's last.fm, I think I like it.
update: Holy crap, I'm a top listener last week!

Speaking of external influences, coworker matts told me about Yppah months ago. I finally got around to tracking it down. I actually bought it, if you can believe that. matts also showed me bleep.com, drm free albums (mp3) for $10. Not bad. (although the site itself sucks, though. Can't even link you right to Yppah).

This is the song (experimenting with last.fm embed, bear with me):
YppahAgain With The Subtitles

External influences are good. Without them I end up listening to death metal.
GrotesqueCannibal Holocaust

Death Metal is always kind of funny. For some reason more so when it's Swedish. It's pretty great, though, for those with ADD though. It's all transitions, and no repetition.


Unknown said...

Viva la Yppah! If he comes to Seattle, I'm all over it. His labelmate DJ Food is playing next Chop Suey next week, with local live d-n-b gigsters FCS North, whom I've been waiting several years to hear, opening for them!

leff said...

Oh, I just downloaded some tracs from FCS North. It's good.