Mic sounds nice, check 1

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One two, one two.
This is just a test.

Getting ready for the big move. As much as I love Drupal, which I use for j-san.net it doesn't have super fancy features like blogger's audioblogger. Of course, Drupal can't do that without the hardware infrastructure like incoming phone lines and what not so I'm not blaming it. You're still number one big D.

So this blog that blogger insisted on giving me when I just wanted to comment on bunchofpants and glitterpissing is going to morph into the j-san.net travel blog. w00t, as it were. MoPhoBlogging will happen on the normal flickr account.

Audioblogger has given me a hard time in the past. But today it worked great. I hope I don't screw it up when I switch over to the mobile phone as my primary number.

PS. Sorry about the quality of this, my first audio post. I called in from work where people routinely walk by my desk screaming. They'd say they were talking. But when it's loud enough to hurt my ears it is NOT talking.

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